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Is it true Gretchen Carlson had an affair with actor Kevin McGraw?


  1. Mr. Grumpy Cranky says:

    If so McGraw is a lucky man

  2. Primo says:

    She probably never did then

  3. bobemac says:

    ask her…

  4. Bob says:

    Probably some liberal lie

  5. Bill Z says:

    who cares? it’s no ones business.

  6. Outraged says:

    Oh yes she did!

  7. DrMin says:

    Yes she did. It was a pretty big scandal at the time, but there is very little in the way of information on the interwebs that would confirm it (except those who actually saw the reports like I did).

    One thing I find interesting is there is not a single mention in Wiki about her ever working there. I guess it is a good thing you can edit it.

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