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How easy is it to transfer to other departments once you are a Police Officer.?


  1. trooper3316 says:

    Police certification requirements are determined by state law, so they can vary quite a bit. In addition, a large part of your job is enforcing state laws, and those vary also. Therefore, if you switch to an agency in another state, most require you to attend their academy. Some, such as Seattle PD, have an abbreviated version for people with prior experience in another state.

    Switching departments in the same state can be easier, as you already meet the certificaiton requirements. However, many departments still require you to attend their academy. I know the WI State Patrol and Chicago PD both do.

  2. |▒▒Kebert Xela▒▒| says:

    I believe most big cities require you to go through their program

    but of course it’s going to vary depending on the departments

  3. ? says:

    Going from state to state will be more difficult that going from agency to agency within a state. The laws are different from state to state as well. Some states have agreements set up with one another. California has a set standard for training within the state. This is called POST or Police Officers Standards and Training. Once you get a "POST Certificate" you can move anywhere you want within the state of California if an agency is looking for applicants with a POST certificate. Some agencies prefer to train their own though.

  4. des c says:

    UK you have to do 2 year basic police work before you can transfer.

  5. surf says:

    My husband is a SWAT officer here in Dallas. You would have to go through the academy again to learn Texas and city laws.

  6. laughter_every_day says:

    It is impossible to "transfer" from one local police department to another because they are different employers. If you are working as a cop in one city, you can apply for a job as a cop in another city, but you cannot "transfer."

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