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How much is a 1935 Hawaii one dollar bill worth?


  1. Rhinestone Cowboy says:

    Maybe as much as a Japanese Peso. Interesting items left over from WWII, probably hold more intrinsic value to you then any real monetary value.

  2. fangtaiyang says:

    Hawaii was not a state in 1935. The bill may or may not be valuable depending on how many were printed and where. It may have been used in Hawaii, but it would not have been printed there.

  3. pugmo says:

    Probably about a buck and a half.

  4. Big One 0909 says:

    I just recently heard about Hawaii currency and I heard it is worth up to 100 times face value in new condition.

    I can tell some of our other answerers have not heard of it either

    It is us currency that was minted for use in Hawaii
    during WWII in case the Japs seized the Islands, the currency could be declared worthless. Pretty good Idea, I think
    As with ALL collectibles, condition is everything. So while you won’t be able to use it as collateral for a car loan, I would not go spend it on groceries, either.

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