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How difficult is it to get into the Air Force?


  1. LarrySmile says:

    Hello "bear kat."

    Well, you offer scant information about your interests.

    You are only looking for the military to repay your college loans. Not going to happen.

    If you wanted to be in the military as an officer with a college degree you should have taken ROTC in college and applied for a scholarship.

    Now, you almost have a college degree and a slight chance of being selected for an officer’s commission.

    The Air Force is very hard to get accepted into. Harder for the few officer slots that are reserved for Officer Training School. You can apply, of course; but, be prepared to wait up to a year and maybe two years to get a slot at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Go Google, "Air Force OTS" and read all the requirement to apply.

    Yes, you can enlist into the Air Force. You won’t be an officer. But, you will have a JOB and more training more important than any college degree you might have – save being a medical doctor!

    The only REAL reason to join the military is to SERVE YOUR COUNTRY. Remember, this, you don’t always get what you want in the Air Force. We don’t give out "jobs" ahead of time. You won’t know your job until you are in basic training and when you graduate – then you will learn what school you will go to to learn and later to work in that field.

    The NEEDS of the Air Force come before the WANTS of the Individual.

    If you had taken out student loans you get 10 years to pay them back. So, you could pay back your student loans from military pay, over time.

    But, you are not going to enter any recruiter’s office and sign up like in WWII and go on the first of the month. Today, everyone is placed into the Delayed Enlistment Program and they wait up to 8 or more months until the recruiter can get to them for "their turn" to go to basic training.

    If you want to prepare for "enlistment" in the Air Force (assuming you are medically qualified to join- and you won’t know that until you get your medical exam at the MEPS (Military Enlistment Processing Station) and take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Batter) test.

    You must go to the book store and buy (under $20) a copy or the work book. There are 5 different publishers. All are OK. Study the book BEFORE you see a recruiter because he/she is going to want to give you a "practice exam" and make a decision if he is interested in processing you further. If you don’t make a 50% on the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) the AF won’t process you further until you go back and study and come back a month later and retest.

    You could "see" all the AF jobs that you think are "interesting" but that doesn’t mean that you will get one of them. The AF doesn’t assign jobs like you look in the Sunday Want Ads to find work.

    In the AF you enlist for one of 4 major job categories. Mechanical, Administrative, General, or Electronics. You enlist into one of these categories and the only jobs you can get are in that category. You can’t jump between two categories.

    There are 30 jobs in the Electronics area;
    36 jobs in the Mechanical area;
    9 jobs in the Administrative area;
    and the rest are grouped into the General area (Why? because they don’t fit into the other 3 areas – not because the jobs are "general" in nature. They are equally as important.)

    Now, I need you to e-mail me back and explain "JUST what are you trying to do."
    Are you willing to learn a job and be in basic training and follow on technical school for about 6 months?
    Are you willing to be assigned world-wide to Germany, England, Italy, Azores, Turkey, Okinawa, Korea, Guam, Mainland Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Middle East or any US stateside base.
    Are you willing to be away from your "old-home town" for almost 4 years? You won’t be going home to see parents and friends often.

    You know you will be living in the barracks for your first 4 year hitch. No – you are not going to be living in an apartment downtown.

    OK. I want to hear from you. What degree are you getting? What is your college GPA? What state did you grow up in? Did you think about the military service when you were in high school?

    You may e-mail me back.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith
    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
    First Sergeant

  2. jeeper_peeper321 says:

    Enlisted, not hard

    As long as you have a high school diploma, no criminal record or health issues.

    Officer is a different story, it is very hard to get into OTS right now

    Note: only the army offers the large loan repayment 65K, the other service offer much smaller loan repayment, 10k or 20k, and if you use loan repayment, you do NOT qualify for the GI Bill

    2. You do not sign a contract in the recruiters office. the enlistment process takes time.

    a. You go talk to recruiter, he will ask questions to determine if your eligible, then you will have to bring back some paperwork ( drivers license, birth certificate, HS diploma, etc

    b. after you bring back the paperwork, then yo will fill out a bunch of papers and they will do a quick background check on you.

    c. Then you will be scheduled to go to MEPS ( enlistment processing and testing ) that will be about a month after talking to recruiter

    At meps, you will take the asvab test , used to determine what jobs you qualify for, have a physical exam and do paperwork, you will also be given a list of available jobs you can list.

    Then comes the waiting, in a month or two, meps will call your recruiter and tell them what job you were assigned or if you must choose a job in basic.

    After being told what your job is, you will be told when you will ship to basic, that will be from 2 months to 6 months in the future.

    So all told, from the time you talk to a recruiter to shipping to basic, will be from 6 months to a year.

    3. For officer, for those with a 4 year degree, the process is even longer, with waits up to a year, just to go before a OTS board to be evaluated.

  3. Mrs. A! says:

    My husband just went through the process of enlisting in the Air Force. He is in basic training right now. The process itself is not hard, but it is extremely time consuming. Most of what the other person, Jeeper something said was true in my husband’s case, but a few things were different.

    My husband went into the recruiter’s office in September of 2010. He took the ASVAB at a testing site about 5 months before he went to MEPS to have his physical. His recruiter then told him that it would be another 8 to 10 months before he would ship out to basic training. Then someone else from his recruiter’s office who was supposed to ship out in May changed his job and got a different ship date so my husband got to take his place a month after he went to MEPS. The only reason he did this was because he is already 26 and the age cutoff for the Air Force is 27 and he didn’t want to take any chances on not being qualified because of age.

    There were about 7 or 8 people in my husbands DEP (Delayed Entry Program) group who had been waiting almost a year and still didn’t know when they were going to go to basic training.

    Right now everyone who wants to join the Air Force is automatically put into the delayed entry program. Like I said before, the process itself isn’t hard, it can just take forever!

    Also, you can get a loan repayment AND the GI Bill. If you make a 6 year commitment you will qualify for the loan repayment and GI Bill. That is what my husband is doing. He decided to go in as enlisted and get another bachelors degree with the GI Bill and then try to go to OTS later. This was mainly because the wait to go in as an officer was over a year, and the Air Force wasn’t even accepting applications for Officer until the next fiscal year in October.

  4. retired AF says:

    for the air force – it will take a while. the average recruit right now is waiting 8 months for a job – ANY job. so if you want to wait for your dream job – it might be a while!

    for the air force today, they will check your credit, check number of dependants (if any), etc.

    Once you get your degree, you should consider OTS – but you didn’t mention what your degree would be in. To get selected for Air Force OTS/OCS – you will need a cumulative GPA of about 3.5 to be competatitve, and your degree should be in a science such discipline. Engineering, Meteorology, math, or a technical science – like nursing, medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, law. although all you need to qualify is the cumulative GPA and a 4-year degree, a degree in areas like history, political science, art, dance, liberal womens studies, etc – really aren’t going to get you far – in life or the air force….but you might get lucky. On several selection boards i had the honor of sitting on to select the Air Force’s officers of tomorrow, we never had one non-science degree get to the interview process….it’s that tough!

    don’t be so quick to discount the army – enlsited OR officer. since they are the largest service, the most opportunity for longevity is gpoing to be there, and as another poster pointed out, they have the most generous student loan repayment program of all the services

  5. Coca Sprite says:

    Getting in the Air Force is tough. OTS is not easy. My cousin is on his way there. My brother went through the Academy. You don’t need a tech degree, but you do need a legitmiate degree. So basketweaving is a big no no or niether is something like fashion.
    Don’t listen to that jack ass that says you must have a tech degree. Mostly gays say that.

  6. Monica says:

    I just graduated from the grad school and one of my teachers, who was in the Air Force all his life, said that I should joint as an officer (have a right personality, interest, 4.0 GPA, etc). We are seeing recruiter next week. I have a job, so I am in no big hurry.
    Anyway, I have been researching a lot online, whether it is tough to get in and answers just like the above ones have been coming up in various online blogs since 2005. Real tough, cutting workforce hard (for the past 6 years :) , have to wait for ever, if you don’t have a technical degree, don’t bother, no, easy, I just got in with not technical degree, waited 3 months… Interesting. I guess it’s just the same as anywhere else – it depends…

  7. steve says:

    How does the Job Process work at Air Force BMT work? I am going to BMT on 27 September 2011 with an “OPEN ELECTRONICS” aptitiude area. Will I see a list of open jobs at BMT or just fill out a dream list of jobs? Also, when I meet with the job counsellor at Basic and if given a list, do they give you a week to put your choices down or do you have to do it immediately?

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