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What is the address of the President of China or Chinese government?


  1. Sonny says:

    北京 100017

  2. Phyl Mar says:

    His Excellency, Hu Jintao
    President of the People’s Republic of China
    9 Xihuang-Chenggen Beijie
    Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

  3. Aier Jan says:

    Well, That’s a funny project.

    Receiver: Premier Wen jia bao
    No. 2 Fu you street,West town 100017
    General Office of the State Council
    Beijing, China
    Chinese characters
    北京西城区府右街2号 国务院办公厅 温家宝总理 收 邮编:100017

  4. joseph says:

    i ask to to u aier.. that is the address of the president of china that is true or not?

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