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Is the grass between the street and sidewalk public property?


  1. xxx000au says:

    It is public property.

    No one in their right mind is going to own a section of real estate, having paid out good money for this area, and yet just let the local government run a footpath along it and then allow strangers to use it and yet have to look after the grass…

    She is talking rubbish. Its not her land so cant tell others what to do.

    If I was in your shoes I would go back and when she comes out complaining, move it onto her property and tell her you have done this so that at least her complaining is ligament.

  2. Mo Ron says:

    so she can still complain it’s a free country, don’t be such a fascist & if you are screwing up the grass you’re a dick.

  3. wizjp says:

    uh…Boundary lines are determined by survey. Every state, city and town is different. As a rule, the city owns a RIGHT of way for a side walk, the property owner owns the land up to and under/around it till you get to the street.

    Stay off her grass unless you can PROVE it’s not hers or until you actually KNOW.

  4. James Baker says:

    In some municipalities, this section called a "parkway" is in fact the city’s property. In New Jersey, not sure. See if you can get a survey via public records/recorder of deeds. Call the local municipality for an answer. However, locking your bike up on a sign is usually not allowed. I could see the property owner getting upset. Check to see where it is proper to lock up your bike, like a bike rack.

  5. evader23 says:

    that is a gray area, most places it is city property but the homeower has to cut that grass.

    Why are you parking there anyway park it somewhere else and avoid her and be done with it

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