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Which is the better military branch to join Navy or Air Force?


  1. JD says:

    Well i’m in the navy and my father in law was in the airforce. The air force is a better choice. The airforce is all about family and the navy is all about work. Trust me its not fun being on a ship for 6 months. People will get on your nerves. Its really harder when your away from family too. They have phones on the ship, but the connection really sucks. You’ll get static and the phones constanly go down. At least with airforce you would get a landline. Also, its easier to get an education in the airforce. The navy offers it but its really hard to find time in the navy to do it. The only really good thing about the navy is, you’ll see a lot more foreign countries. So i highly recommend the airforce over the navy.

  2. Danny says:

    air force its better to fly

  3. John R says:

    If u join the navy or air force, you’ll be away from your gf for along time. Especially the navy, you’ll be on a boat for 6 months straight

  4. Katsumi says:

    Where will you drive to on your time off when you’re on a ship. In the AF, you can drive off base with no pass and not return until your next work shift starts.

  5. Enigma Novusactusintravenus says:

    The air force would be better if you want to be near to your girlfriend. They both offer pretty good salaries, though if you’re not going to be a pilot in the air force the Navy offers more room for reaching the high ranks.

  6. Courtney says:

    well the thing with the military is, you are away from your loved one, thats why if your in the military its best to be with someone else who is also in the military. unfortunately, thats not the case. whether navy or air force, theres not going to be much time to see her, but i’d go with air force

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