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who is the personal adviser to late Dr Robert Guei from Ivory coast?


  1. ThiFHELIMBILU says:

    I bet u received the same email i received from his ‘daughter’.Its a scam Bra.She has also sent me 2 emails.The email claim he was killed but my research shows no such person never managed gills ltd.

    1. justmox says:

      u are right cos she did send me an email too and through my research the is no such person as that.

  2. HonorHumility says:

    Bra the email was from Nigeria and not Ivory Coast. Don’t listen to him.

  3. godiraone says:

    if this girl is a scam how does she get peoples money,pease assist me

    1. aladdin says:

      i am totally convinced that this whole Dakar, Senegal stuff is total scam. wehhwh almost fell for it. thank goodness.

  4. aladdin says:

    Gents be careful of how you surf the net, coz scammers are so totally into getting you believe what they tell you. You shall all make it totally rich by God’s will, be patient.

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