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How can I find out if someone is pretending to be in the military?


  1. Mrsjvb says:

    nothing is free.

    ask to see their CAC. say it exactly like that *Cack* if they tell you they do not have it on them ,or that it is classified, they are bullsh!tting you as they are required to have it in their possession at all times and NOTHING on it is classified. yes even Guard and Reserves have CACs.

    if they are claiming some outrageousness like being a SeAL or other Special Forces, can be a good place to start.

    if you have not met this person in real life, then don;t bother asking to see a CAC, there are some fakes out there and you cannot tell the real one in an email due to certain tell tales that i will NOT talk about on an open source like YA!.

    signs of scammers:

    wanting you to sign any sort of leave request form or ‘permission’ to get a cell phone or access to money. a civilian is not allowed to do any such thing

    wanting money from you to go on leave or claims that he cannot access his money while deployed( BULLSH!TT)

  2. David says:

    Ask to see their outfit

  3. The Ghost of Harrison says:

    These people will be the best ones to help you out:

  4. Val Vonnell says:

    I don’t think so because my friend and I had that problem a long time ago, but we couldn’t find anything. Makes sense because that information is private. BUT, ask someone who knows the military up and down to chat with this person or to give you good questions any soldier in their supposed branch should know. If he/she doesn’t, then you know. Try asking who their recruiter is. If they’re smart (and are lying) they’ll name a real one. You can always ask the recruiter.

  5. The Iceman says:

    Just ask them their unit. They usually clam up because of "security" reasons.

  6. Rosalind says:

    I don’t think so, not without DoD security clearance. But you could always ask to see their military id, what their MOS is, etc

  7. Sugerman says:

    All military branches by regulation must carry their military identification. If they cannot produce it. Tell them they lie.

  8. Giuseppe says:

    Ask to see their military id card, they have to have it with them always.

  9. Fuzzy says:

    Like the others say…ask for their military ID. Or if you have a friend in the military, ask them to look the person up on the AKO White Pages.

  10. Kittysue says:

    If this is someone you only know online and they claim to be in Afghanistan or Iraq it’s very easy to find out of they are a scam or real. Say that you want to send them an iPod loaded with your favorite songs (or bait them with some other expensive item a scammer in Africa would love to get their hands on) and you need their mailing address

    if they are really in the military their address format will be
    Rank and Name
    Unit Name
    Camp Name
    APO AE 09xxx-xxxx

    A scammer will try to claim that mail has to be sent through some service in Nigeria or Senegal or some other random country which is complete BS. Soldiers receive their mail and packages through an APO address which is just like a domestic US address. You pay normal domestic postage rates, not airmail rates.

    Also – if they ask you to either send them money for any reason or want you to cash checks for them saying they can’t access their money, it’s a scam. If they say you need to fill out leave papers or send money to pay for leave, it’s a scam. If they say you need to pay for a satellite phone so you two can speak, it’s a scam. If they claim to need money for internet access, it’s a scam. If they claim they have some gold or money they need to send to you, it’s a scam

  11. SPC Smitty says:

    If they are asking you to spend money so they can communicate with them, it is a scam, MWR provides communication and some soldiers take their computers to SKYPE with.
    If the soldier asks you to release them to go on leave and then pay for it, it is a Nogerian scam. Soldiers get R & R and we don’t need your sticking money, we make twice as much over there and it is all tax free.

  12. Amy says:

    This must not be someone you know in person. Please don’t send them money or anything.

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