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Should I call the police if I smell marijuana smoke coming from my neighbor's?


  1. Ariana12 says:

    It is illegal and if it really is bothering you I guess you can. I have been in the situation also and choose not to report it. I had the mindset that it’s their house/apt and they are paying for it so they can do what they want since it really wasn’t hurting me. I also didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to cause problems since the neighbor would have known I was the one who reported it and that can just turn ugly. It’s your call though…do what you wish.

  2. lalapoo says:

    why ruin the fun you snitch

  3. Anarchist says:

    Mind your own business…..


  4. Warren Peace says:

    that’s crack. pot smells like burning tea leaves.

  5. Clive says:

    you are a complete asshole.

  6. cuzziman84 says:

    Let the burnout be. It’s probably the best thing going for them.

  7. Harold B says:

    don;t be a fool. Even if they are smoking dope, which generally doesn’t smell like burning rubber, then so what? who’s it harming? no one likes a snitch.

  8. gypsy pirate says:


  9. Ace says:

    I know you just want to do what is right according to the law and all that but, keep in mind this your neighbor we are talking about. Is this worth it to start a feud against each other which may last for years – Or the possible outcome is she may end up in rehab and years down the road she may thank you, it’s your call.

    your neighbor getting a fine and some probation is not going to help them quit if that’s what you want the outcome to be and even then some don’t want to be helped and be left alone.

  10. letfreedomring says:

    Wow you have taken nosy neighbor to a whole new level.

    Have you ever thought about if you turned him in and then a few weeks later some one breaks in your home and he sees it. Do you think he would help?

    Neighbors should stick together not call the police on each other. You never know when you might need that neighbor, after all they are right next door.

  11. hdean45 says:

    M Y O B If the neighbor isn’t bothering you let it go.

  12. golfer420 says:

    If you do actually call a police officer on your neighbor your not being a good citizen. Your just being an asshole. For all you know your neighbor is dying of cancer and is smoking marijuana to help with the chemo.

  13. Alex S. says:

    is he hurting you or anyone else? you’ll hurt him if you do that.

  14. jordan y says:

    I’d advise against it, as it will RUIN their life having a drug charge on their record.
    Plus they arent hurting you nor anyone else, so why do you mind?

  15. Jeff says:

    My gf has severe smoke related allergies and her throat closes around cigarette and pot smoke. If that’s the type of situation you’re dealing with, you should clearly tell your neighbor you have a serious health hazard related to second hand smoke and explain your situation. Resort to landlords or police if the neighbor is a prick. Freedom to health is a precedence. I have no problem with people wanting to smoke whatever they want, but the moment they stop caring about the rights of others they lose any sense of justice.

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