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What is something unique I could send to my boyfriend in jail?


  1. Justin says:

    An exact printout of the this page with your question and all of these answers. If your picture is real you are not a hideous chud, and he is in jail for what I must assume was a crime right? So in reality he is very lucky that you stand by him (my wife is the same way, and I find it amazing). On top of it you think about him and care enough that you get on a website and ask random people how you can make his day a little brighter when he doesn’t really deserve it from you, and nothing against him because I have been in his shoes and I don’t care what he did I have found over the span of my life that the real victims are the people left behind that care because they did nothing wrong to justify them having to hurt in any way. So like I said, just print the whole web page out just like you see it on your screen, with all of the answers, it will be unique because he would never expect it, it is sweet that you care to ask, he will love it because once he understands what it means he will be amazed you thought to do it, and I am damn sure he will smile when he reads all the answers. He better fucking smile he has something that a lot of *censored* never find…. I know, and to my wife chelsea, I dont tell you enough how much you mean to me, you are unparalleled.

    Dude seriously keep her, dont f##king let her go. And do your very best to either clean up your act or get a hell of a lot better at what you do so you don’t have to leave her standing by you again, there is more than just love there, there is respect that you will never find again.

  2. Eisbär says:

    A good book that you like, as he will have lots of time on his hands.

  3. Amber says:

    theres plenty things.

    a soap that has a wrist band so he cant drop it
    or a nail filer.

  4. GMRCompany says:

    a dildo. You know in jail they need to entertain themselves some how.

  5. mike jones says:

    A key to set him free =)

  6. al says:

    Well how long is he staying? is it a week or two or is it a few months?

    If it is going to only be a week or two I say don’t worry about it just do something for him when he gets out.

    If it is going to be a few months then you should do something for him. Most of the times a jail has a list of things that are allowed and not allowed get one of these list and see what it says. With knowledge of the list I can’t really give you a good answer.

    The only thing I could think of with out a list is send him a letter each day and spray your perfume on the paper and also add a photo of yourself in each letter for him to hang up in the cell.

    Side Note: Before you send anything be warned that they usually look through letters so please do not try and sneak anything in for him. Also once you get a good idea call the jail and ask them if it is ok for you to send it just to make sure

  7. trigunmarksman says:

    Personally, sweet hand written letters would do it for me.

  8. EddyJ says:

    Why do women continue to be with losers?

    Send him a dear John letter!

  9. -_- says:

    A dear John letter.

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