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Is it legal to spy on your neighbor with a hidden camera in the state of Florida?


  1. david_david says:


  2. KeepOnLoving says:

    I don’t think it’s illegal to take videos of the outside of someone’s home… undercover detectives do it all the time to catch cheaters by the spouses that hire them…. they should be able to use the video…

    He shouldn’t do drugs & you shouldn’t hang around him til you know he’s free & clear…

    below ~NO! wire, etc, they are talking about AUDIO not VIDEO…

    He is taking video from HIS property, so yes, he can… just like media can stalk stars & take pics & so can news channel cars, helicopters, etc…. you can take video w/your cameras, phones, etc as long as you are on your own property (or public property that doesn’t prohibit it), not theirs… I could stand on a sidewalk, street, or be in my car in the street, or my own property, & take pics of anything that gets in my view… that’s what private detectives can & do do & we as regular citizens can, too. You just cannot be on someone else’s private property & take pics of things on their property without their permission… or place of business property & take pics if it’s prohibited… altho in stores, I bet ppl still do take pics w/their phones, etc. of ppl….
    To be able to use those pics from his own property, it should be admissible…

    He can call around… but remember the Erin Brockovich movie, some ppl that don’t want to get involved or give justice may lie… same with on A Few Good *censored*…. some that were suppose to know the law & knew the law were basically lying to discourage them from taking it any further cuz they didn’t care or wanted to protect (aid & abett) the other party…

    …and, yes, if you ask a cop about the law some DO lie cuz they are discriminating against you & don’t want to give you justice &/or are biased for the other party… sadly it happens… and sadly they are in the wrong line of work to be corrupt…. it could easily come back on them… no one should be corrupt; especially, those that are suppose to uphold the law & provide justice & protection for all!
    …so, if it doesn’t seem like someone is being straight with you, keep asking others or do your own research…

  3. Just Saying... says:

    The only reason I am answering this is because the other answers are stu- not what you want to hear, so here goes nothing:

    It is illegal to use whatever they get in court. However, depending on the severity of the crime he is committing (dealing, growing, ect.), police could gather their own evidence or pursue the case further.

    " Fla. Stat. ch. 934.03: All parties must consent to the recording or the disclosure of the contents of any wire, *censored* or electronic communication in Florida. Recording or disclosing without the consent of all parties is a felony, unless the interception is a first offense committed without any illegal purpose, and not for commercial gain, or the communication is the radio portion of a cellular conversation. Such first offenses and the interception of cellular communications are misdemeanours. State v. News-Press Pub. Co., 338 So. 2d 1313 (1976), State v. Tsavaris, 394 So. 2d 418 (1981). "

    In Florida, it is illegal to specifically video tape someone without their permission, unless by law enforcement. (supposedly; this was not backed up with evidence.

    However, in the USA, if you have an expectation of privacy (going to the bathroom, changing, ect., it is illegal to tape someone else ever without their permission.

    If he (or you) were brave enough, you could report your neighbors to the police and see what they say- then you have the upper hand anyways!

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