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What are the pros and cons of enlisting into the Marine Corps?


  1. venezuela_germany says:

    Listen as a soldier i have to tell you the pros of going into the marines are few but admirable none the less. first thing is you get a very cool uniform second is you protect american people and are admired. thirdly it will be an expierience of a life time that you will nevr forget a sense of acomplishment if you will. and lastly it will make you a better , smarter stronger quicker man and improve your job aspects over all even after college. here are the negatives—low pay, crappy locations, you will go to Iraq thats a sure fire thing i promise you that. you could get killed i wont lie. you will spend some considerable time in the rain not enjoying what you are doing. ok listen do it. i have to tell you its what makes a man a man sure you risk your life but what is life all about if you havent achieved something challenging? the one final thing i can say about being a member of the marines or army is that it makes you feel….alive!

  2. ssracing says:

    you can get payed for killing islamic radicals.
    someone will report me for telling the truth again but i dont care because some people will have read it all ready hah

  3. Joachin Murrieta says:

    Do both by going to college and enrolling in a Marine ROTC program. Finish with a degree and a commission. Also talk with a Marine recruiter. Ignore other assinine respnses that will undoubtedly be posted to your question. Good Luck to you.

  4. Danielle says:

    Pros of the Marine Corps- you will learn respect and honor and receive respect and honor when you are finished. You will receive benefits from the army post serving like they’ll pay for some of your college, sometimes they will set you up for a job, health care and all that.
    The cons, you could be killed, you could be taken hostage, putting your family through the stress of hoping you’ll survive, dealing with post-traumatic stress, seeing your friends die, not being near the ones you love.

    College- a better chance of ending up with a better and higher paying job. Way less chance of being killed. Way less chance of having people you are close to be killed. Living on your own.
    cons- cost

    I have a friend who went marines right after we graduated – last year. He is done with training pretty soon and already is being sent to Iraq within the next few months.
    Talk to your family about it, talk to recruiters but ultimately it’s your life so you have to be the one to choose. Good luck

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