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Is the military still deploying troops to Afghanistan?


  1. Armed with Inkstick says:

    There are plans, yes, but I wouldn’t bet on them happening.

    The military does not deploy new recruits to Afghanistan-it’s not like Vietnam. It deploys units. Those units may have new guys in it, but it’s not individual guys showing up.

    Units will be rotating to AFG for a long time to come.

  2. Simply Monsterous says:

    Yes. My son is graduating from AIT this next week and will be deplyoed immediately

  3. upyr1 says:

    A tour of duty from my udnerstanding is a year- I could be wrong and 2014 is 3 years away so troops are getting deployed I question the 2014 date as it will depend on conditions on the ground
    and Obama was giving a best case scenerio.

  4. uneedchrist says:

    My dad just got back from a 8 month deployment in Afghanistan about a month ago, and he leaves for Kuwaitt on Monday. So yeah they are still deploying.
    Also my cousin just got back from iraq….i think iraq is done, but not afghanistan. Lots of action still going on there.

  5. jeeper_peeper321 says:

    Of course they are still deploying troops to Afghanistan. they are still deploying people to iraq.

    You didn’t think they were gonna leave the soldiers in Afghanistan now, there for the next 3 years, did you ?

  6. philip says:

    Yes my wife just got back and we’ll be there for awhile, maybe just as non-combat.

  7. Will says:

    They’ve had plans to get out for years, and somthing always happens so dont count on it.

  8. Jason says:

    Yes, of course.

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