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What is the proper dress length to wear to a military ball?


  1. flyboywife08 says:

    i answered your other question too. but for this one, you need to have it long. i know you said you hate it, but the Army balls are a big thing. the wives and dates are suppose to dress apportiatly. some dont always and if you see them like that they will probably get some stares and awkward glances. but being long doesnt mean it has to also be up to your neck and make you look like a 60 yr old. sometimes it just depends on the ball. there are so many different types. there are unit balls, avation balls, base balls, birthday balls, ect. there are so many. unit balls are not as formal as the birthday balls, so you could get away with slits, but not slutty. find out from your bf what sort of ball it is.

  2. Dawn1 says:

    Been to a few and long dress is the order of the day. If your dress is more form-fitting and you can wear such a garment, it will not make you appear "as short" as a flowing dress would. As far as the type of dress, think prom…gloves and all. The fancier the better. These are very formal events…. but no tiaras :D :D Most of all…have FUN!!!

  3. Vanora says:

    I am going to a ball at Christmas – last year all the women wore long dresses – really fancy and one or two had full skirted ballgowns.
    I’m not sure what to wear yet either but I don’t think short will be appropriate.
    I am also petite size but I think I can get away with a ball gown better than a long dress as I can wear really high heels under a ball gown.
    If you can get photos of previous parties that will help you to choose. Also there is usually a wife in charge of the event that can advise you in military places such as this – ask around as different places have different ideas – if you are all young it may be that the girls all wear short prom dresses – so definitely ask people connected to the event.

  4. tlsho says:

    You shouldn’t really wear anything above the middle of the calf, at most. It should be tasteful and elegant. You don’t want to be pulling your dress up or down threw out the night. Nothing is worse than a girl showing of her "goodies". If you chose to wear a strapless dress make sure it can stay up on its own. I can’t count how many times I have seen more than I should have. Also keep in mind that there will be dancing involved. So you will want something that you can move in and will be comfortable. These events usually last a few hours. Wear comfortable shoes, you very well could be on your *censored* a good portion of the night. They will also take your picture. If you are planning on wanting one make sure that you have means to. Usually they have a bar as well, if you want to drink it will also cost. I suggest that if you drink, monitor it. Last ball I was at our friends wife got plastered. So bad that she missed her mouth as she tried to take a drink and it went down her dress! Than and her dress didn’t stay up. I spent the night trying to help her stay covered. You really don’t want to make a fool of yourself or your hubby. I would advise staying away from the alcohol and enjoy dancing and talking with friends. My husband has got drunk before and I spent the night babysitting, I didn’t even get one slow dance in :( good luck and have fun!

  5. Horton says:

    If you want to help him make a great impression, go with floor length. Something simple, but long. Other women there will have shorter dresses, and they’re considered acceptable. No one will say anything negative to the ladies in shorter dresses, but they’ll all secretly appreciate your reverence for tradition if you show up in a long simple gown.

    Steer clear of things that are too revealing, too prom-dress, too bride’s maid, too flashy, or too summer casual.

    You say that long dresses make you look short. No one there will think that. They’ll just think you look great and compliment your man well.

  6. earanger says:


    The first two answers are excellent. I just want to add a couple points:

    1. The male equivelant is a tuxedo (though in uniform). So dress as though your military man was going to be wearing a tux. The best thing to do is ask a lady who has been to a couple of these events to shop with you. Most would enjoy the opportunity.

    2. Do not be flashy at all. The purpose of the event is to honor the troops, especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice the past year. Thus, while your ball gown should be elegant, it should not be flashy. Again, a lady who has been to some of these events would be helpful to you.

    Go, enjoy yourself, have a great time.


  7. They Don't Like Me! says:

    You need to wear a long dress or all the wives will talk about you

  8. Julie says:

    I think the knee length dress would be ok. However, almost EVERYONE wears a floor length dress. If you don’t mind standing out and you are comfortable with being difference from everyone then I say go for it! I personally have only worn floor length dresses to my man’s military events. Good luck with your decision, either way I bet you’ll look fabulous:o)

  9. ET1 (SS) USN retired says:

    Since this is your first ball, wear long and simple.

    I have seen wives of higher ranks [who have attended many balls] where the wife’s dress would have a slit up to her waste. And cut-outs on shoulder and belly to expose some of her tats.

    If this is your first, do not do such a thing.

    Wear a simple and long dress with only one piece of jewelry.

  10. Beverrlly says:

    I agree with most everyone here and say you should definitely wear a flattering, long dress. Also, no one touched on color. Most women go with black or another dark color as it’s usually more formal. If you show up in a bright pink dress, you’ll look more like your headed to the prom and less like your going to a military ball. I’m sure you could find something that doesn’t make you look short. Try something slightly more form fitting (not like it’s sprayed on though…) and with a modest slit. That usually helps. Good Luck.

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