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Is it illegal to open an unlocked front door?


  1. Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar says:

    Moving the door, as in pushing it open, is called "breaking". ("Breaking" means physically moving something, not literally breaking it.) If you then step through the doorway, it is called "entering". Taken together it is "breaking and entering". So yes, you could be charged.

  2. BATMAN™ says:

    It is illegal

  3. NickyThinks.. says:

    Technically yes because that’s trespassing

  4. DomC says:

    no matter what it is trespassing and breaking and entering because after all its someone house dude

  5. CW says:

    Being unlocked does not allow everyone to enter at will.

  6. Sabrina says:

    yes its illegal

  7. questioner s. says:

    if its not your house and you dont have permission to be in their house while their away then yes it is with out a doubt illegal

  8. crash.override says:

    Trespassing is trespassing…regardless of whether the door is locked or not. Trespassing is a crime

  9. Roxy says:

    yupp I’m pretty sure that’s illegal

  10. . says:

    You are trespassing on private property. Yes it could be illegal unless you have a justifiable reason, such as someone calling for help, or the house is on fire.

  11. RobbVann says:

    It’s always bothered me but its still called BREAKING and entering ! So yes, it’s illegal .–42

  12. Steven says:

    only if they entered the property. if they had a genuine concern about someone inside it would be hard to get them in too much trouble.

  13. V says:

    in fact yes, door open or not the house is a private property of someone you can’t just get in. The lock it’s mostly there to avoid a-holes who don’t give a damn and want to steal stuff :S

  14. Nancy Kay says:

    Well, opening the unlocked door may be one thing, but if they then proceed to enter, they are committing a trespass. So it is not "breaking and entering", because there was no "breaking". Whether or not the trespass was criminal depends on their intent and/or further actions inside the premises. If no other criminal act is committed within, it may not even be prosecutable as a criminal trespass, but is a civil tort which could be actionable.

  15. MikeTL says:

    Yes it is either Trespassing (if your intent is to just enter) or Burglary (if your intent is to steal something or commit another crime).

    Unlawfully entering is defined as "breaking the plane". So if they have their bedroom window open and you reached inside, you have just entered unlawfully. Also, in WA at least, a building is defined as any enclosed area. So a fenced in field is considered a building providing all sides are fenced.

    No law says the doors must be locked, only that a reasonable person would know to not enter. I would say that most reaonable persons would not go up to a house and just walk in.

  16. SarahT says:

    An unlocked door is not an invite for all to enter. It is still trespassing without permission from the owner.

  17. God of says:

    Breaking and entering

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