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What is the absolute easiest country to get citizenship (or permanent residence) in?


  1. MrKP says:

    England. I can’t vouch for the exact details, but pretty much anyone in the world seems to be able to come and live here, whether by legal or illegal means.

  2. know it all says:

    Canada…especially if you have an education. After you apply and land in Canada as a "landed immigrant"…it takes 4 years to become an actual citizen.

  3. Offshore Advisor says:

    There also exist so-called economic citizenship programs or citizenship-by-investment programs. Using this program you can get your citizenship without living in the country at all in return of an investment into the country’s economy.

    There are currently three (3) countries which provide for economic citizenship officially and legally: Commonwealth of Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Austria. While Austrian citizenship isn’t easy and cheap one to get, Dominica and Nevis can be great choices for different purposes (traveling, business, etc).

    Read more information about economic citizenship programs on our website and don’t hesitate to use our free consultation services.

    Mary C.

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