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Who is currently winning the United States presidential election, 2012?


  1. gonefishing says:

    Currently it is anyone but Obama. But we will see when the Republicans have finally made their choice how it goes. Anyone other than Obama has been in the lead for almost a year now. In the polls it is asked as generic republican.

    Michael. It is a state by state primary not convention. The candidate that collects the most delegates during the primaries get the nomination at the Republican convention. And he then gets to challenge Obama for the presidency in the November election. It is a state by state election process in november with each candidate trying to win the most electoral votes. Each state has a number of electoral votes depending on their populations. The person with the most electoral votes in the end wins.

  2. naughtydogg70 says:

    The US presidential election is not in progress.

  3. Michael T says:

    what is underway is not a presidential election but the

    conventions state by state in which the Republican party selects the candidate they will run in the election in November 2012

    who wins in this process is completely irrelevant

    the voters decide whether Obama continues as president or he gets replaced by a republican in November

    i am not even an american and i seem to know more about your political systems than you do
    and that is truly sad

  4. Beebop says:

    Any President would be going through a hard time now, being elected in bad circumstances.
    The downward economy and two wars were inherited by President Obama.

    His message of hope has been drowned out by the economic realities of the financial situation and the military mess, that was inherited.
    So people have turned on President Obama, as they are disappointed.

    However, Republican contenders are tearing themselves apart and beginning to look ridiculous.

    So who knows?

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