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Is it illegal to lie on a resume about your education?


  1. atoz says:

    You won’t go to jail for it, but, it is a bad idea. If you get the job and they find out, they won’t trust you with anything and probably fire you

  2. Agid says:

    Nope but it depends on whom to lie

  3. ehverno2b40 says:

    Don’t know about Illegal , but they can let you go if they find out.

  4. Zeb says:

    It’s not illegal but if they(whoever you are giving your resume to) finds out they will almost definitely fire you or not give you a job.

  5. Little Miss Hiss says:

    It isn’t illegal, but if you lie, your employer (or potential employer) will find out about it eventually. Hiring managers sometimes check up on educational history as a part of the hiring process, especially if the job calls for a specific degree in something.

    Many times employers purge records and do random checks to keep things up to date, and then they find out that an employee has lied. The person is subject to termination when this happens. I’ve seen a couple cases where employees who have been with a company for more than five years have been fired when the employer found out they had lied on their resume.

  6. Lynn Bodoni says:

    I think it falls under fraud.

    Companies are doing much more checking than they used to, because it’s very easy to do it today. Just shoot off an email that says "John Doe claims to have a degree from your university, can you confirm or deny this please?" and most colleges WILL respond pretty quickly. If you don’t have a degree, the college sure doesn’t want you claiming one. And either you’ll never get hired in the first place, or you will be fired if you managed to get hired before the degree check was completed. No reputable company wants a liar working for them. They all figure that if you’ll lie about one thing, you’ll lie about other things, and possibly commit other types of fraud. There are plenty of people who are out of work and who are not lying about their education.

    The thing is, sometimes you can get hired if you can say "I’m in my senior year, and I’m scheduled to get a bachelor’s degree in IT this June". And sometimes they’ll tell you to come back when you have your degree. But if you lie about having that degree, then you WILL be fired as soon as they find out. I’ve seen this happen over and over, and I’ve read about how people in public office sometimes get found out, and then kicked out.

  7. STEVEN F says:

    It could be argued as fraud. gaining something of value by deception is illegal. That said, it is more likely the employer will simply use it as grounds to terminate your employment FOR CAUSE. That generally means you are not eligible for unemployment.

  8. Jo says:

    No, it’s not illegal.

    But it’s wrong. And if employer finds out – you are out of a job.

    Because you don’t have the degree they were looking for. And because you have shown you are a liar and can’t be trusted.

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