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Is it illegal to send money in the mail?


  1. MrKitty says:

    i dont think so, but you can send me money if you want. i wont tell no one ! =P

  2. Youjustlostthegame says:

    no. its not.

  3. Remy says:

    It’s legal but it’s an incredibly stupid idea. Use all that cash to buy a money order and send that instead.

  4. Terrel says:

    It’s not illegal but it’s not very smart. Best to send money orders or pay via Paypal.

  5. Dear A... says:

    It’s not illegal but it’s incredibly stupid! Go buy a money order at the bank.

  6. BEAUTIFUL says:

    what a stupid idea big time. better get a money gram from walmart or mail a money order with signature required and tracking number

  7. George Costanza says:

    someone could steal it on its way postal workers (Coughs)

  8. Amanda says:

    It is illegal as there is a law restricting sending more than $100 in the mail. I suggest if you want to hide it,, you don’t put it on yahoo answers!! Ps. Your boyfriend sounds like a criminal and so do you for that matter! If it is legitt why donesn’t your bf just put it in his friends bank account?

  9. dragon3025 says:

    Nope, don’t see how they’d find out anyway without breaking into your private envelopes. To help prevent someone from seeing important things like money or checks (by looking though the paper in the light), take a cut off piece of paper and wrap it around the money.

  10. Jay says:

    No. Think about it this way. Most people get birthday money or Christmas money sent in the mail from relatives? And your parents might receive cheques in the mail from work as well (I know mine do). So it is completely fine to send money in the mail.

  11. Mickey The Mau5 says:

    Umm…why would this be illegal? You never got a birthday card in the mail with money in it? Also the people at the post office don’t open your mail they just send it so you can basically send whatever you want that is not illegal to carry around with you, like you can’t send a gun or drugs in the mail but money is alright.

  12. cross-stitcher says:

    It’s not illegal to send cash through the mail though I wouldn’t send large amount of cash in the mail. Instead,
    I would rather send someone a wire or a money order.. If it ever gets lost or stolen there’s a chance that you can get it back.

  13. Remember December says:

    A postal worker can steal it and theres no way to prove it was stolen. They have the right to open envolopes if its ‘suspicous’. If one opens it and sees all that money… hell id take it if i was one

  14. James says:

    It might get lost. Send a money order.

  15. R MOORE says:

    It is not illegal, but it is not a very secure way to send money.
    A cheque or Postal order is a better way.

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