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How serious would a crime be if a us marshal is looking for you?


  1. Starlord says:

    If a US Marshal is looking for someone, it depends on whether the person is a fugitive or has information that they need. If the person is a fugitive, you have to know it is something pretty serious. They don ‘t send US Marshals out for unpaid parking tickets. The most recent example would be the armored car guard that killed his partner and absconded with 1.3 million dollars a few months back. I read where he was just arrested. I met some Marshals during the Tyson gang situation in Arizona, and I respect those people, unlike the Fumbling Bunch of Idiots.

  2. HD says:

    quite serious. u.s. marshals don’t look for jaywalkers.

  3. Pa says:

    It Can/could be very serious. If there was a Federal Warrant issued for your ‘Relative’ then that person needs to get to a Federal Court House and find out what it going on…and they need to do it asap.

  4. KeepOnLoving says:

    It’s for serious offenses:

    •15 Most Wanted fugitives can include murderers, *censored* offenders, major drug kingpins, organized crime figures and individuals wanted for high-profile financial crimes. They are generally considered the “worst of the worst.”

  5. KC V ™ says:

    The US Marshal’s assist local law enforcement agencies in "round-up’s" with defendants charged with felony offenses only.

    As such…your "relative" would be, if convicted, looking at a minimum of one year and a day in prison!

  6. Dan says:

    Can’t trust the grapevine. If you have their name, you can find out if any warrants online.

    Might not even be a crime. Could just be for questioning, a subpoena, a subpoena for a witness, etc.

    If a crime, well, any federal crime. That could be, kidnapping a child, taking stolen car across state lines, transferring an automatic weapon without proper paperwork, etc.

    EDIT: Murder is often only a local crime. Feds only involved if big profile, like Mafia/gangsta involved, or state doesn’t have resources for proper forensics or if it was murder of a senator, supreme court justice, or federal agent, etc.

  7. Ben K says:

    why don’t you… err i mean your "relative" tell us

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