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Is it illegal to collect money saying its for charity when its really not?


  1. Quizzard says:

    ??Of COURSE it’s illegal. It’s called fraud.

  2. mangaman81 says:

    Yes. That is fraud.

  3. Chase Wills says:

    Yes, it is pretty much stealing money

  4. Michelle says:

    Yup its illegal if yeah get caught

  5. Bretman says:

    OHH YES IT IS. return it immediately

  6. RedFoxClouds says:

    Yes, that is fraud and thievery.

  7. barry says:

    Yes it is illegal and if he gets caught it will be the start of a nice criminal record

  8. Mike H says:

    If hes a true friend, i would advise him of the penalities of this issue. Hopefully he will change his mind, if not let him go on his own way.


    yes its theft and it is disgusting and immoral, a vile thing to do

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