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Is the US the hardest country to immigrate to for all foreigners?


  1. kaybee says:

    I wish. Then I could be proud to be an American in a land of Americans and not foreigners.

  2. shera_42 says:

    Hahaha…that’s a good one. Just sneak over…everyone else does.

  3. ben l says:

    absolutely not. there are many much much harder

  4. stevetcolbert says:

    Depends on which country you are from… we have different immigration policies for different countries.

    Generally though, I would say no, …N. Korea would be much harder to get a Visa for.

  5. LV-Gnome says:

    It isn’t easy, no. It can be expensive and time-consuming, but so can immigration to other countries.

    There isn’t separate immigration policy for different countries (or races!). The policy is the same for everybody – however some countries do have an easier time of it than others. Two of the biggest reasons for this are the amount of applications generated in any one country and also the fact that some countries have a much higher incidence of immigration fraud.

    As far as visitor’s visas go, the US has a reciprocal visa waiver program available for many countries, which means you can bypass the application process and stay for up to 3 months. Longer stays, countries that can’t use the VWP, or people who don’t qualify require a B visa. One of the biggest reason these visas are turned down is that the applicant failed to provide sufficient proof that he/she is going to return to their home country once their stay in the US is over.

  6. DILLON says:

    U.S. is one of the easiest country to immigrate to or get a visa. Your papers need to be in order. If you don’t meet all the requirements then you do not have much of a chance.

  7. Sweetharttt says:

    Yes, I would say the USA is the hardest to immigrate to. We have a lot of rules and regulations to follow before someone is considered.

  8. Julio says:

    yes it is

  9. Dude says:

    It is not hard yet it is hard.
    For student visa… one must qualify and prove you have enough funds to support your education here.
    For Visitors visa… one must prove that he/she will leave US after his/her visit. Need to show funds to travel and huge assets back home to return.

  10. Sarah_Hone says:

    Yes, the USA is a very hard country to immigrate to – legally… They have become very strict since 9/11 I know someone who overstayed on the Visa Waiver Program because he had a heart attach and needed triple bypass the day before he was due to fly home. So he had to stay in the hospital and couldn’t leave the county. When he finally got back to the UK, he and his wife went to apply for their visitor visa as they had purchased property in the USA, they were told that because he overstayed they had banned him from entering the USA. He had proof of his surgery, admittance to the ER etc, none of that mattered to US immigration. So yes, it is very hard, and he was from the UK, we are supposed to be your allies.

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