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What is your opinion on Mitt Romney beating up a *censored* kid back in high school?


  1. Walther PPK says:

    I believe it. He is a selfish, ego monster with no feeling.

  2. Blue Ivy's Baby Sitter says:

    This is your presidential nominee republicans.

  3. ? says:

    He loved him first.

  4. Sober Life Coach says:

    Obama ate a dog around the same time.

  5. whoyeah says:

    Bigot is what a bigot does.

  6. Me First says:

    It was 50 years ago, he was wrong, and obviously hasn’t done it again. He apologized – I’ve moved on, you should too.

    And I’m STILL NOT voting for Obama.

  7. J. Spicoli says:

    He sounds like a dik.

  8. Dinamuk Roberts says:

    Don’t care.

    But I don’t like Communists & Dog Eaters, like Obama.

  9. Durbin13 says:

    How is any of this relevant to anything going on today?

    Who cares?

  10. Cantankerous says:

    The only thing it proves is a very bad upbringing.

  11. Billy Bob says:

    What do you mean by Beating Up?

    Shoved him into his locker? Or really beat up? I was in High-school in the 1970′s and I gotta tell you. Serious fights NEVER happened. I was bullied, but never a really big deal.

    You KNOW it was no big deal.

    And why does NOBODY ANYWHERE seem to remember ANYTHING about Obama?

  12. Joseph the Second says:

    -I don’t think it’s gonna "go over" so Well- when He appeals for the Votes of the Log Cabin Republicans !! ;)

  13. power says:

    it was even sicker than that. he bleached a guy’s hair and cut it off. he is a sick man.

  14. Dr. James Westphal says:

    Why would any straight man voluntarily touch a *censored*?

  15. Jimmy says:

    I am not for Romney. I think he would be a terrible president. But people do stupid things when they are young. It is how he handles this and other things now that really matter. He can’t remember mistreating someone like that? It must have been pretty unimportant to him.

  16. a bitching rockstar from mars says:

    Sounds like the kind of person that would make someone come to school with a gun.

  17. lovelydays says:

    Im sure a lot of folks did stuff in high school that has no reflection on their current state whatsoever, and that they would never engage in as adults. I grew up myself and Im sure that millions of others did too. Of all the things I hold against Mitt that’s not one of them.

  18. Jim says:

    of COURSE everyone else remembers the incident! they just refuse to speak on the record! right?! Either produce the evidence or shut your yap!

  19. ArrowJ says:

    Mitt Romney is a fine man and got in a fight in high school. BFD. Who gives a crap really.. No ones right was violated. Where is your proof? Where? Not one of you bozo’s know what happen years ago and stop acting like you have a clue. No one knows how or what started the fight if there was even a fight. Now shut up and stop acting stupid. Lord grow up people and stop with the stupid already. Unless you have a name or proof put a lid on it.

  20. justgetitright says:

    In 1965 you wouldn’t know if the idiot you beat up was a *censored* or not, it just managed to take 50 years to find out that he was a *censored*. Had Mitt known that back then he would have only used one hand.

    Funny thing about the news media and the Internet, you can go back and find out what Abraham Lincoln was doing on his 21st birthday, what Mitt Romeny was doing in High School but can’t find one damn thing about Obama’s college transcripts, old girl friends, what High School he went to or anything else.

    Gays want equal rights, well regular kids get beat up in high school so if they should expect to be treated the same. At least that is what they are all saying.

  21. Outlawcajun says:

    So what. some of us recognize a hatchet job when we see it. Funny the Washington comPost could find this on Romney from high school. And yet, after his brief stint as a state senator, and 3 1/2 years as president, the country has yet to see ANY of obama’s school records, a birth certificate, a S.S. number, or draft registration, that have been verified as being authentic, and not have the stigma of forgeries attached to them.

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