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Is the government hiding things from the general public?


  1. hjktuy says:

    There’s only one simple answer to that, and it’s YES!!! Lots of things.

  2. Moderates Unite! says:

    The best thing to do is turn off Faux News. That will stop 75% of the disinformation.
    Then turn off talk radio.
    Pick up a few newspapers and you should be all set.

  3. iceman says:

    Damn right.

  4. Sophie says:

    Yes, BIG things. Our reality is about to go through incredible changes. The bankers are looting our country in preparation.

  5. kitty_katari says:

    Yeah the government didn’t even tell us when they found out that there was an island with dinosaurs on it like in Jurassic Park.

  6. Think Outside the Ballot Box says:

    Don’t base that belief on braindead Hollywood garbage.
    But the answer is Yes.

  7. notyou311 says:

    Don’t you know the difference between fiction and reality? Those movies have nothing to do with the truth. Only a fool believes that the world will end in 2012.

  8. rl153 says:

    the govt is hiding things ,but you probably won’t find the truth in the movies

  9. Evil Lib -ertarian says:

    Yes, they are.

    All of these earthquakes lately lead me to the website of the USGS a few months ago, had lots of historical data on earthquakes. That historic data has been either changed to just the larger quakes or taken off their website the last few weeks.

    The number of quakes today compared to twenty years ago was astounding, I think too many others were researching the same data I was.

  10. ! Answers says:

    Fail. Too troll obvious

  11. HONORARIUS says:

    Of course they do… The government has always kept secrets, and will continue to do so in the future…

  12. trigunkilla says:

    yes always. some are for your own good (really im serious) and some things are just hidden for shits and giggles. and some because they are ass holes. but so do your mom and dad. its the way of the world and its one of those things that really wont change. and its not as bad as you think, well its secret it might be really bad but i hope…

  13. Mike W says:

    There are things that government hides from the general public. Some of these include, the launch codes for our nuclear weapons, the precise location of our ballistic missile submarines, and other things that if made general knowledge would put our nation at risk.

  14. Rose says:

    Absolutely the government hides things. If you want to know the truth about that 2012 thing go to It’s nothing to do with government and it’s nothing the government will be able to stop but it’s the only absolute truth that we have. Also, the newspaper is just as bad as watching the news. The ONLY thing you can trust today is God and all of his answers are in the bible. That is why so many people don’t know anything and the world is in the place it is. That is also why there are so many religions. They trust themselves and not God. God bless you. :)

  15. tazzz says:

    They always have, even more so with the usurper and his backers in power. Decisions are made in secret and politicians bought off.

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