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What criminal organization is the most powerful in the world?


  1. Tuebor says:

    According to whos laws? Its only a criminal organization when they profit off breaking laws. Smarter ‘criminals’ work around the law so its legal. You know them as lawyers.

    Intelligence agencies such as the CIA are inherently criminals since espionage is illegal in every country. One punishable with torture and execution. Since espionage has been, and will always be a crime in any country, they are the most consistent criminal organizations.

    So the most powerful criminal organizations most likely are either the CIA, DIA, or MI6. Only those in the intelligence community knows exactly what each agencies status is, though

  2. Wendle L says:


  3. Lucas says:

    Catholic church, American government, Russian mafia

  4. HerbalPhil Wellness Warrior! says:

    Its actually Asian?

  5. John C says:

    The US government, obviously.

  6. McDermit says:

    Chinese Triads by far

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