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Is it illegal to drive through the parking space lines in a parking lot?


  1. Dr. Snark says:

    The police don’t typically enforce driving laws on private properties like parking lots unless you’re being exceptionally reckless or obnoxious. If you got into an accident doing this, your insurance would find you at fault.

  2. HD says:

    not illegal.

  3. Justin Thyme says:

    No you can get a ticket for that.

  4. cyanne2ak says:

    No, it is not illegal. But, if you are being a douche about it, they can give you a reckless driving ticket. That takes a lot though.

  5. Obama Must Go November 6 says:

    No but you might have an accident

  6. James says:

    You are on private property. So it would be the managers job to set standard and post them. If he has done so then yes. If not no. I have never seen that sign at W Mart. Now at the bank. Driving to the auto teller the wrong way could be a problem. And once you have parked there the wrong way. It would be a good time to walk in and ask what the big yellow arrows on the ground are there for.

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